Bob was enrolled in the Bozrah Moose Lodge No.950 on February 8th 1983. 

Since then he has pushed himself to better the Moose and to help make our Lodge the top rated Lodge in Connecticut. Here are some things you might not know about Bob Labbe. In December of 1985 he was enrolled in the Hid Davis Legion #8. He also served as Treasurer in the mini legion for 2 years.
   At Bozrah Lodge,  he has served in many offices including Trustee , Jr Governor , Governor of the Lodge (1989-1990) , Past Governor and now serves in his present position as Administrator of which he has held since 1991.
   Bob received his Fellowship Degree in the Moose on September 16, 1990. He became a member of the "25 Club" in May of 1992 and a member of the "50 Club" in September of 1996. In December of 2007, Bob became a member of the distinguished "100 Club", that is a feat that not many Moose members can achieve !

In recognition of all his hard work and commitment to the Moose he was rewarded with the Pilgrim Degree of Merit in the House of God at MooseHeart Illinios on May 26, 2001.

Bob has chaired many committees through his years. 
- Chairman of the Lodges 75th Anniversary
- Treasurer of the Connecticut Moose Association
- President of the Connecticut Moose Association
- Trainer/Trainer of the Connecticut Moose Association 

Honors are also given to administrators who go above 
and beyond the call of duty and are rewarded with the 
title of Administrators Gold Quill of Merit which Bob Labbe 
received for the years 2000-2007.

Bob was appointed Assistant Regional Manager for the State of Connecticut. His areas of duty are District #1. Bob and his wife Carol make their home in Norwich , Ct. They have 3 children , 5 grandchildren and 2 great children.
In closing, if you take a good hard look inside the walls of any successful Lodge , you will find an individual who stands above the rest with committment and hard work and for Bozrah Lodge 950 that man is Bob Labbe. So the next time you step into Bozrah Lodge and cross paths with him, be sure to stop him if you can (because he is always busy) , shake his hand and say Thankyou Bob for all you have done for us and for our Lodge !!  
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Robert " Who's your daddy" Labbe
We all know at Bozrah Lodge...Its Bob Labbe !

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